Fighting a Wrongful Accusation in a Theft Case

It is an unfortunate fact that innocent people get accused of committing theft crimes and other criminal acts all the time. In some instances they even end up being convicted for crimes they did not commit. As most burglaries, robberies, shoplifting charges and other theft crimes are prosecuted as felony offenses, a false accusation of theft could ruin your reputation, have a profound impact on your career, and put your freedom at risk. Fighting these types of charges on your own is pointless. If you have been wrongfully accused of committing theft, the best chance you will have to avoid a wrongful conviction and to have the charges against you dismissed, reduced or acquitted at trial is to obtain legal representation from a skilled criminal lawyer immediately.

Being charged with a criminal offense is a very serious matter. Anything you say during the course of the investigation can and likely will be used against you in court. Even insisting that you are innocent or trying to offer details and information to prove your whereabouts could backfire and lead to your arrest and possible conviction. We understand how frightening it can be to facing such serious charges when you have done nothing wrong. Do not make the mistake of believing that your innocence means you can forgo legal representation. Quite the opposite. If you have been wrongfully accused of committing theft in or around Olathe, KS you need an aggressive Olathe criminal lawyer on your side that you can rely on to do everything possible to protect your interests and defend your rights.

Garretson & Toth, LLC knows that these types of cases are often brought about by a misunderstanding, a confusion, an accounting errors, a mix up, or in a worst case scenario through malicious intent. We are strong advocates on behalf of the rights of the wrongfully accused and we have had much success helping individuals clear their names and get the charges they face dismissed. Providing we are able to help you get your charges dismissed, we may also be able to help you file a civil suit against the individual responsible for making the false claim. A civil case could help you recover the expenses relating to your criminal case and may be able to provide you with monetary compensation for any loss of wages, harm to your reputation, emotional suffering and more. To find out how we may be able to help you in a wrongful accusation of theft case, call our firm today.

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