What Should I Do After I'm Arrested for DUI?

The first thing you need to do after being arrested and charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, is realize that drunk driving is a serious criminal offense. A DUI is not a traffic ticket nor is it a minor infraction. Even a first-time DUI conviction can result in fines, imprisonment, the suspension of your driver's license, probation, community service and various other penalties that could all become part of your permanent criminal record. Should an accident have been caused as a result of your drunk driving, you could be facing additional charges for vehicular manslaughter or felony DUI.

It is extremely important that you do not to incriminate yourself by volunteering any information relating to your DUI arrest or the circumstances that led up to your arrest. Neither law enforcement officers nor the prosecuting attorney are on your side. No matter what they may lead you to believe, it is not in your best interest to submit to questioning or volunteer a confession without first consulting with your attorney. The most effective way to protect your rights and to fight the DUI charges you face is to obtain legal counsel from an experienced, hard-hitting criminal attorney. An Olathe DUI lawyer will also be able to help you file the necessary paperwork to request an Administrative Hearing with the DMV, which must be done within 14 days of your arrest, to avoid the automatic suspension of your license.

When you obtain representation from an attorney at Garretson & Toth, LLC we will be able to advise you of your legal rights, educate you on the DUI process, and help you build an aggressive strategy for your defense. Rest assured that we be extremely diligent when it comes to helping you get the charges against you dismissed or reduced. If your case goes to trail we will do everything possible to obtain an acquittal on your behalf. Our firm has more than 60 years combined experience practicing criminal law and we have a comprehensive knowledge of all laws that could impact your case, and how to best protect your rights. If you have been arrested for DUI you must act quickly. Contact an Olathe criminal attorney at our firm now. We are here to help.

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