Why Hire a Lawyer from Garretson & Toth, LLC

There is nothing like having your life turned upside down and your future put in jeopardy as a result of criminal charges being filed against you. If you have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense, you may be wondering where to find a criminal lawyer that you can trust to defend your case with a high level of legal skill. The legal counsel working for you is likely to have a substantial impact on the outcome of your case. In cases of criminal charges, we strongly encourage that you retain counsel from a criminal lawyer who not only understands how the prosecution is likely to build the case against you but one who will provide you with an aggressive strategy that will give you the best possible chance for a favorable outcome. Our firm has extensive, a track record of success at trial, and is known for providing the highest level of professional skill.

At Garretson & Toth, LLC, each of our founding partners has a background serving in the District Attorney's office prior to establishing our private practice. Over the past decade we have defended countless individuals in a range of criminal charges, and we are committed to helping you pursue the positive outcome you deserve as well. The lawyers at our firm have almost 60 years combined legal experience. We have tried hundreds of cases, at both the state and federal levels, and it is our unique background in the criminal justice system which has allowed us to negotiate and litigate so many cases successfully.

If you need help fighting criminal charges, no matter how hopeless your case may appear, we urge you to connect with us so we can review the evidence that led to your arrest. While we can never guarantee any results, there are many cases that other firms thought were unwinnable that we took on and prevailed. Our Olathe criminal lawyer can review your case and give you an honest assessment of the situation, and discuss the various strategies that could benefit you. Call our law firm now to schedule a consultation.

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